Volume 02 Issue 07 (July 2017)

Title: Evaluation of Antioxidant Status in Oral Submucous Fibrosis: A Hospital Based Study

Author(s) - Sanjay Agrawal*1, Ranjit S. Ambad2

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/01

Title: Exploring the Emotional Reaction of Mental Health Professional in Related to Stigma on People with Mental Health Problems in Saudi Arabia

Author(s) - Dr. Seham Mansour Alyousef

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/02

Title: Evaluation of Curcumin Effect in Diabetes and Diabetic Atherosclerosis

Author(s) - Mojtaba Hajihoseini1, Ramin Ataee*2, Amin Ataie3, Ali Shoja1, Nafiseh Nasri-Nasrabadi4

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/03

Title: Burden of Undiagnosed HIV Cases & Associated Stigma Prevalent In Health Care System Including Mortuary

Author(s) - Dr. Raghvendra Singh*1, Dr. Anoop Kumar Verma1, Dr. Vimala Venkatesh2, Dr. Navneet Kumar3, Dr. Reema Kumari4, Dr. Raja Rupani1, Dr. Heena Singh3, Dr. Sangeeta Kumar1, Dr. Mousami Singh1

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/04

Title: Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Botox in the Management of Facial Wrinkles

Author(s) - Dr. Aditi Yadav, Dr. Manoj Goyal, Dr. Adarsh Tripathi, Dr. Ajay Verma, Dr. Gayatri Kumari, Dr. Abhijeet Nigam, Dr. Nidhi Bhatia

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/05

Title: Nutrition Management Practises in Critical Care in Tertiary Hospitals - A Survey from India

Author(s) - Sanjith Saseedharan*1, Edwin Pathrose2

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/06

Title: Risk of Developing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome- Adolescent Girls

Author(s) - Satyajit

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/07

Title: Ectopic Pregnancy - Practise Essentials, Management - A Continuing Cause of Maternal Morbidity

Author(s) - Dr. Vinu Choudhary*, Dr. Surendra Bisu, Dr. Pavitra Sharma, Dr. Priyanka Rahariya

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/08

Title: Clinical Utility of GST and CEA in Gastrointestinal Cancer

Author(s) - Ranjit S. Ambad*1, Rajesh Bhanudas Rajekar2, Nishikant Ingole3

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/09

Title: Gross and Morphometric Evaluation of Deltoideus Muscle of Cattle and One-Humped Camel

Author(s) - S. A. Hena*1, M. L. Sonfada2, S. A. Shehu2, M. Jibir3, I. J. Gosomji1, Sa’ayinzat F.E4

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/10

Title: A Comparative Study to Determine the Efficacy of Piracetam over Carbamazepine in the Treatment of Idiopathic Tinnitus

Author(s) - Vijayendra Simha. N, Ravishankar S. N.

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/11

Title: "Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver and Metabolic Syndrome in a Population of Southeastern Mexico"

Author(s) - Morales Rodríguez Berenice1, Jimenez Báez María Valeria*2, Sandoval Jurado Luis2, Labra Flores Miguel Angel3, Pesqueda González Rene4, Caro Lozano Janett5, Reyes Gabino Patricia Teresa6, Lozano Gómez Ulises7, Ureña BogarínEnrique Leobardo8

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/12

Title: A Rare Manifestation of Behçet's Disease; Arterial Involvement

Author(s) - Erhan Bozkurt*1, Zafer Yalım2

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/13

Title: A Rare Case; Bilateral Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Author(s) - Selçuk Kuzu M.D.

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/14

Title: A Subclassification of Basal-like Breast Cancer for Prognostic Prediction

Author(s) - Tomoko Tsuruga, Keiko Oda, Hidekazu Yoshie, Ayano Shinagawa, Kimino Minagawa,  Toshio Kumai, Ko Sato*, Anna S Sedukhina*

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/15

Title: Evaluation of Effectiveness of Boswellia Dalzielii Ethanol Bark Extract in the Control of Poultry Coccidiosis Experimentally Induced in Vom- Nigeria

Author(s) - Dogo G. I. A.*1, Sa’ayinzat, F. E.2, Ikpa, L. T.3, Tanko, J. T.3, Fantur, D.4, Blnjing, R. N.4, Anani, H. M.4

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/16

Title: Needs Assessments “Increasing Access of the Underserved Areas in Palestine”

Author(s) - Dr. Sumaya Y. Sayej, Mohammad Qtait 

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/17

Title: Prevalence of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aurous In Surgical Units of a Tertiary Care Hospital

Author(s) - Dr. N. S. Dixit1, Dr. Deepak Kothari2, Dr. Karan Singh Chandrakar*3

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/18

Title: Tolvaptan in Heart Failure: A Review

Author(s) - Dr. Mayuresh Kiran*1, Ms. Priyanka Shah2

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/19

Title: Chest Pain Secondary to Use of Oxytocin in Obstetric Patients at Transanesthesic

Author(s) - Atanacio-González Miriam1, Jiménez-Báez María Valeria*2, Iparrea Ramos Ilse Cristina1, Medina-Andrade Luis Angel3, Márquez-Gónzalez Horacio4, Ureña-Bogarín Enrique Leobardo*5, Sandoval-Juarado Luis*6

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol02-i07/20