Volume 03 Issue 01 (January 2018)

Title: Clustering Patients with Adverse Drug Reactions

Author(s) - Andy W. Chen

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/01

Title: A Study of the Relationships between Nursing Students’ Meanings of Life, Positive Beliefs, and Well-Being

Author(s) -Fu-Ju Tsai, Cheng-Yu Chen, Gwo-Liang Yeh, Yih-Jin Hu, Chie-Chien Tseng, Si-Chi Chen

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/02

Title: Rapid Sequence Spinal Anesthesia Vs General Anesthesia for Category-I Urgency Caesarean Section

Author(s) - Dr. Ravi Gurvani1, Dr. Dharam Veer Chandrakar*2

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/03

Title: Safety and Efficacy of a Combination of Chloramphenicol, Polymyxin-B and Dexamethasone in Ocular Infection with Inflammation

Author(s) - Dr. Mayuresh Dilip Kiran*1, Shaheen Naseem Sheikh2, Lalit Jeevan Pawaskar3

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/04

Title: Efficacy and Safety of a Combination of Cinnarizine and Dimenhydrinate in the Treatment of Vertigo

Author(s) - Dr. Mayuresh Kiran*1, Mr. Lalit Pawaskar2

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/05

Title: A rare case of an ophthalmologic emergency: idiopathic central retinal artery occlusion

Author(s) - Abdulla, Maryam.

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/06

Title: Facilitating Knowledge of Women on Importance of Iodine in Foetal Brain Development through Nursing Education: An Evidence-Based Educational Intervention


 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/07

Title: Depression in Elderly Patients Attending the Psychiatric Outpatient Department: A Cross Sectional Study

Author(s) - Dr. Ravi C Sharma1, Dr. Dinesh Dutt Sharma*2, Dr. Kamal Parkash3

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/08

Title: Surgical Site Infections - A Hospital Havoc: Retrospective Study of Surgical Site Infections in Tertiary Health Care Centre in North East India

Author(s) - V Singh1, A B Khyriem*2, W V Lyngdoh2, C J Lyngdoh3

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/09

Title: Iliopsoas Haematoma Presenting with Femoral Neuropathy during Anticoagulation Therapy with Warfarin

Author(s) - Rajesh Kishan Rao*1, Girish Basappa2, Jayaprakash H3

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/10

Title: Sensitive And Reliable Indicator between Broca’s Index and Metropolitan Life Insurance Height - Weight Charts in First Year Medical Student

Author(s) - Dr. Haresh D. Godia*1, Dr. Lalit H Nikam2

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/11

Title: Relation of BMI and Body Fat Percentage with Nutritional Status of Adolescents

Author(s) - Dr. Haresh D. Godia*1, Dr. Lalit H Nikam2

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/12

Title: A Review on Functions of Rakt Dhatu and Prana Vayu to Establish Lung Function Capacity

Author(s) - Dr. Vishal Shamrao Patil1, Dr. (Mrs.) Manisha V. Bhalsing2

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/13

Title: Tzanck Smears and Its Diagnostic Utility - An Institutional Experience

Author(s) - Dr. Athulya Krishna Kumar K.T1, Dr. Kalathingal Kamarunisha Aboobacker2, Dr.Kiran H.S3, Dr.Vishal Agarwal4

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/14

Title: Attitudes of Nursing Students towards Suicide Prevention: A Study from Central India

Author(s) - Deepak Ghormode1, Pramod Gupta2, Devendra Ratnani3, S. K. Singh4

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/15

Title: Under 5 Children Mortality in Sudan: Situation Analysis

Author(s) - Selwa Y Abdeldafie

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/16

Title: Childhood Intussusception: Timely Management Leads to Decreased Surgical Risk

Author(s) - Dr. Sunil Kumar Mehra*, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Barolia, Dr. Arun Kumar Gupta, Dr. Vinita Chaturvedi

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/17

Title: Demographic and Clinical Profile of Anterior Uveitis Patients Presenting in a Tertiary Eye Care Hospital

Author(s) - Shivcharan Lal Chandravanshi

 DOI: - 10.23958/ijirms/vol03-i01/18