Volume 01 Issue 02 (March 2016)

Title: Role of Molecular Modelling in Drug Design

Author(s) - M.Lakshmi Prabha*1 & N.Pradeepa2

Title: Safety and Efficacy of ERCP in Our Institution: Review of 168 Cases

Author - Sabri Tmava1, Ugur Gozalan1, Imri Vishi2, Ilir Fazliu1, Antigona Hasani2*

Title: Rare Case of Post Traumatic Carotico-Juglar-Vertebral Fistula with Pseudo Aneurysm

Author(s) - Saurabh Kumar1, Pallavi Aga2, P. K. Srivatstav3, Durgesh K. Dwivedi4, Anit Parihar5, Neera Kohli6

Title: Detection of P16INK4A in Oral Cavity and Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Author(s) - Dr. S. Premalatha1 M.D., Dr. I. Vijay Sathish Kumar2 M.D., Dr. S. Ravi3 M.D., Dr. M. John Raj Suresh4, Dr. S. Sasikala5 M.D., Dr. K.R. Mohan6 M.D.

Title: Analysis of Immunohistochemical Expression of P16INK4A in Neoplastic Squamous Cell Lesions of Cervix

Author(s) - Dr. K.R. Mohan1 M.D., Dr. S. Sasikala2 M.D., Dr. S. Ravi3 M.D., Dr. P. Sagunthala4, Dr. S. Premalatha5 M.D., Dr. I.Vijay Sathish Kumar6 M.D..

Impact Factor

SJIF Impcat Factor - 4.102

Indexcopernicus ICV - 64.48

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