Volume 01 Issue 04 (May-June 2016)

Title: Histochemistry of Placental Lipids in Preeclampsia

Author(s) - Dr. Sapna Prashant Shevade*1, Dr. Vasanti Arole2, Dr. Vaishaly Kishore Bharambe3

Title: Telmisartan Quality Control By Validation of UV-Spectrophotometric Method

Author(s) - Dobrina Tsvetkova*1, Danka Obreshkova1,2, Stefka Ivanova1,2, Vladimir Yankov3, Peter Atanasov4, Bozhidarka Hadjieva5

Title: Geriatric Dentistry - Surmounting the Challenges

Author(s) - Dr. Ranjith Kumar P1, Dr Rohit Raghavan2, Dr. Nadeem Abdul Rahman*3 Dr. Sumitra S4, Dr. Monisha Vs5

Title: Study of Variations in the Origin and Course of Musculocutaneous Nerve

Author(s) - Dr. P. D. Sonje*1, Dr. P. Gupta2, Dr. P Vatsalaswamy3

Title: Genetic Disorders Preventive Approach & Its Management: An Ayurvedic Review

Author(s) - Dr. Smita V.Lokhande*1, Dr. R. B.Patil2, Dr. Swapnil S.Patil3

Impact Factor

SJIF Impcat Factor - 4.102

Indexcopernicus ICV - 64.48

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