Volume 01 Issue 08 (October 2016)

Title: Multicentric Histocytosis Mimicking Histoid Leprosy- A Case Report

Author(s) - Dr. Saroj Purohit*1, Dr. Priyanka Sharma2, Dr. Ram Singh Meena3, Dr. Babita Bargujar4

Title: Impact of Genetic Counselling For Evaluation of Risk and Follow-Up in the Prevention and Control of Mental Illness among Antenatal Mothers

Author(s) - Dr. Sikandar Kumar1, Mahlo Ansu Ekka*2, Sinmayee Kumari Devi3

Title: Hearing Improvement after Myringoplasty in Sudanese Patients

Author(s) - Rasha Ali1, Sharfi Ahmed*2, Abusefian A3, Mohamed B4

Title: Extended Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy After Breast Cancer: - Longer Is Better‖

Author - Begoña Díaz de la Noval

Title: Study on Appropriateness of Prescribing Patterns in Geriatric Patients with Renal Failure at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

Author(s) - Shivashankar Velu.*1, Jaivy P. Joseph2, Irene Vincent2, Josy Elsa Eapen2, Harikrishnan S.2

Title: Tranexamic Acid in Obstetrics: A Clinical Review

Author(s) - Rushulo Khing*1, Y Ajitkumar Singh2, Harvey Vanlalpeka3, L Ranjit Singh4

Title: Clinical Profile of Unstable Angina/ NSTEMI Patients Presenting With Fragmented QRS- A Hospital Based Observational Study

Author(s) - Ashwani Kumar Yadav*1, Kunal Mahajan2, Vivek Bansal3

Title: Evaluation of Pressure Pain Threshold and Active Range of Motion of TMJ and Neck in Stressed and Non Stressed Students

Author(s) - Peeyoosha Gurudut*1, Esha Bhadauria2, Manjula Almeida3