Title: Odontogenic Maxillary Cysts Post-Dental Implant: Proposal of New Radiological/Clinical Classification

Author - Paolo Gamba


The purpose of this study was to expose a new classification odontogenic maxillary cysts post-dental implant and asses functional surgical treatment with fewer complication, which not only insured normal maxillary sinus cilia restoration and bony integrity but also did little damage to maxillary sinus natural ostium. The maxillofacial region is affected by a greater number of cysts. Chronic maxillary sinusitis of dental origin (CMSDO) is a common disease that requires treatment of the sinusitis as well as of the odontogenic source. In this study odontogenic maxillary cysts post-dental implant were classified from 42 patients over a five-year period. Odontogenic cysts are the most common form of the cystic lesions that affect the maxillofacial region. They are classified traditionally into a developmental group, including keratocysts and dentigerous cysts, and an inflammatory group including radicular cysts. Different clinical situations were included in the study; they have been classified as odontogenic maxillary cysts post-dental implantation and integrated into a new classification system based on the pathogenesis and clinical aspects of each case, with the aim of identifying homogenous treatment groups. Results were evaluated for each class. Objectives are review the spectrum of odontogenic diseases affecting the maxillary sinus, their radiographic appearances e their treatment. Review the various radiologic examinations of both the maxillary sinus and adjacent dental structures. The purpose of this paper is the anatomical relationship between the dental region and the maxillary antrum. The widespread use of reconstructive procedure for dental implants placement has improved to types complication. To the author’s knowledge, no publication has extensively examined sinonasal complication as odontogenic maxillary cysts resulting from dental implants fixture and no classification system.

Keywords: Odontogenic sinusitis, rhinosinusitis, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), dental implants, Schneiderian membrane.