Publication Fee

Publiation Fee

International Journal of Innovative Research in Medical Science (IJIRMS) follows an open access model, Publication Charges or Article processing charges are paid from the author’s research budget or by their supporting institution.

The Journal does not charge for submission or publication of manuscripts but publishing a paper in IJIRMS journal article processing charges. Publication charges includes DOI charge, publishing and listing the papers in the SEARCH digital library, administrative expense and many people give journal their valuable time and services. Some of them work honorary or on subsidized salary.

Article publication fees are charged after peer review and acceptance but prior to publication. All decisions to accept manuscripts are based solely on editorial criteria. Receipt of publication fees must be received by the publisher before an article is published. All fees and financial transactions related to article publication are conducted by the IJIRMS publisher.

Please direct any questions regarding article publication fees to: Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Editor-in-chief,

For Indian Authors - 4000 INR

For International Authors - 210 USD