Published: 2016-11-25

Color Doppler Imaging and Glaucoma: Comparison of Doppler Waveform of Retrobulbar Vessels between a Glaucomatous Patient and a Healthy Subject

Alice Chandra Verticchio Vercellin, Sara Lombardo, Carlo Alberto Cutolo, Carmine Tinelli, Giovanni Milano

Pages No. 335 to 337

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Family Coping Strategies in Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Integrative Review

Cristiane Soares Campos, Juliana Pena Porto Anna Cláudia Yokoyama dos Anjos

Pages No. 354 to 359

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Anatomical Study of Vagal Trunks at Gastro Esophageal Junction

Dr. Amudha Govindarajan Dr. Jamuna Meenakshisundaram2

Pages No. 360 to 362

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A Study on Dengue Infection among Febrile Illness Cases in a Tertiary Care Hospital in South India

Dr. Naga Srilatha Bathala, Dr. S. Kusuma bai, Dr. M. Bharathi, Dr. M. Sasidhar, Dr. A. Sasikala

Pages No. 363 to 365

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Pulmonary Actinomycosis Appearing as Carcinoma

Muharrem Özkaya, Nilay Cavusoglu Yalcin, Filiz Kizilates

Pages No. 372 to 375

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A Study of the Incidence of Fifth Pair of Sacral Foramina

Dr. Balachandra N., Dr. Poonam D N., Dr. B.R.Ramesh

Pages No. 384 to 388

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Substantial Aspects of Balance in Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy: A Physical Therapist’s Perspective

Rathish Manickam P.T., Ilona Gracie De Souza P.T.A, Thrishala Noronha P.T.

Pages No. 389 to 394

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