Published: 2017-03-25

Prevalence of Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy among Patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) On Hemodialysis in King Khalid Hospital, Najran (KKH-N)

Almakramy A.H., Mokhtar I., Al-Abataheen N.M., Nanaa A.A., Abdulla F.I., Abdelmajed A.H., Elhussien E.A.

Pages No. 595 to 598

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Study of the Efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine in the Treatment of Actinic Cheilitis

Dr. Rahul Kumar Sharma, Dr. Rajendra Kumar Sharma

Pages No. 602 to 604

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Abstract 19  | PDF 44  DOI

Frequency of Heart Diseases in Patients with Different Personality Types

Schwan Mathew, Musleh Uddin Kalar, Effa Mujeeb, Kaniz Hira Bibi, Ruba Ali Zahid, Faizan Shaikh, Mahek Hyder, Farah Mansoor, Uzma Ali

Pages No. 607 to 612

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Assessment of Risk Factors in Atherosclerotic Saudi Patients above 40 Year Old in King Khalid Hospital in Najran

Fahad Al-Faran, Rakan Aldosari, Waleed Aldosari, Mobark Aldosari, Ashaq Alqhtani, Omar alshahrani, Hussain, Alsaihab,, Fatimah Almsaud, Ali Alhassan, Mohammed Homood, Abdullah Alshareef, Albakri Fahad

Pages No. 01 to 25

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Abstract 42  | PDF 40  DOI