Published: 2017-08-25

Awareness and Practice of Infection Control among Selected Sample of Dental Students in Saudi Arabia

Latifa Alolah, Dalal AlSaadoun, Hessa AlHazza’a, Alanoud AlJubair, Bashaer Alenazi, Deema AlShammery, Wejdan AlGhamdi

Pages No. 1102 to 1107

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Abstract 89  | PDF 61  DOI

Iodine Deficiency Disorders In Pregnant Women and Neonates

Dr. Madhuri A. Agnihotri, Dr. Rekha Ratnani

Pages No. 1108 to 1112

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Abstract 35  | PDF 54  DOI

Atrial Fibrillation on Severe Sepsis in Resuscitation - About a Case

Barboza D., Manga S.J., Sow O., Gaye I., Diop E.N., Diouf E., Fall M.L., Ba E.B., Traoré M.M., Bah M.D., Ndoye M.D.

Pages No. 1118 to 1121

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A Rare Case of Spontaneous Rupture of a Renal Angiomyolipoma in a Post-Partum Patient

Dr. Pushkraj Baswant Birajdar, Dr. Sanjeev S. Thakur, Dr. Shalil H. Patil

Pages No. 1127 to 1129

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Abstract 13  | PDF 22  DOI

Genetic Disorders a Bird View

Dr. Swapnil S. Patil, Dr. R. B. Patil, Dr. Smita V. Lokhande

Pages No. 1130 to 1132

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Dexmeditomidine as an Adjunct to Ropivacaine for Transversus Abdominis Plane (TAP) Block for Subumblical Surgeries

Tantry Tariq Gani, Ozair Noor Trumboo, Shahid Ahmad Mir, Reyaz Ahmed Qadri, Khalid Sofi, Mohamad Akbar Shah

Pages No. 1138 to 1142

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Abstract 28  | PDF 60  DOI

Study of Renal Function and Serum Electrolyte in Type - 2 DM

Pooja A. Sitholay, Dr. Madhuri A. Agnihotri, Ranjit S. Ambad

Pages No. 1149 to 1153

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Abstract 23  | PDF 35  DOI

Estradiol Down-Regulates Gene Expression of Angiotensin-II Receptor Type One in Ovariectomized Rats

Hamed M. Osman, Hanan F. Al-Saeed, Amani M. El Amin Ali, Azza M. Zaki

Pages No. 1164 to 1171

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Abstract 24  | PDF 25  DOI

Prevalence of Oral Candidasis in Oral Cancer Expansion

Dr. Nishant Sharma, Dr. Archana Shrivastav

Pages No. 1177 to 1181

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Abstract 17  | PDF 47  DOI

Role of Colonoscopy in Management of Lower Gastrointestinal Disorders: Diagnostic & Therapeutic

Dr. Pushkraj Baswant Birajdar, Dr. Sanjeev S. Thakur, Dr. Pradeep N. Bafana

Pages No. 1182 to 1190

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Abstract 18  | PDF 32  DOI

Role of Sputum Examination in Tuberculous Pleural Effusion Patients at Zagazig University Hospitals

Adel H. A. Ghoneim, Mohamed M. N. AboZaid, Niveen E. Zayed, Marwa H. Mohamed, Mai Malek

Pages No. 1191 to 1200

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Abstract 21  | PDF 24  DOI

Estimation of Serum Urea, Creatinine and Uric Acid in Obese Subjects

Humaira N. Khan, Anjali Pergulwar, A. M. Siddiqui, A. R. Shinde

Pages No. 1201 to 1203

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Abstract 68  | PDF 188  DOI