Published: 2017-12-25

Urban Characteristics Influencing Health of Older People: What Matters

Jean Woo, Ruby Yu, Moses Wong, Jason Leung, Kevin Lau, H.C. Ho, H.M. Yip, Jackie Kwok, Daniel W.L. Lai, Teresa Tsien, Alma Au

Pages No. 1561 to 1568

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Surgical Wound Infections in Obstetrics and Gynaecology - A Study from Rural Tertiary Care Hospital

Dr. Harish Babu B G, Dr. Narmadha NS, Dr. Lakshmi Soujanya, Dr. Rathika R, Dr. Haja Abdul Nazeer M J

Pages No. 1569 to 1572

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Patient Satisfaction with Pre-hospital Care

Moeed alshehri, Nawfal Aljerian, Ahmed Alotaibi, Maree Alanazi, Najla Alasmi, Abdullah Ali Alqahtany,, Ahmed Ali Alghamdi, Ahmed Mohammed Alhamad, Anwar Saad Alqarni, Hassan Gasem Harobi,, Shoeb Qureshi

Pages No. 1573 to 1579

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Clinical Profile and Pattern of Uveitis in a Tertiary Care Centre

Raji Kurumkattil, Sanjay Kumar Dhar, Vijay Kumar Sharma, Hemant Singh Trehan, Anuradha Singh

Pages No. 1580 to 1582

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Occupational Therapists’ Understanding of Autonomy for People with Dementia

Carlie Foster, (OTNZ, M.OT),, Dr. Mary Butler, (PhD, OTNZ),

Pages No. 1583 to 1590

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