Published: 2018-02-25

The Attitudes of Nursing Students towards Patients Who Attempt Suicide: A Study from Central India

Deepak Ghormode, Pramod Gupta, S. K. Singh, Devendra Ratnani

Pages No. 1681 to 1687

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Relationship between Blood Pressure and Nutrition in Adolescents

Dr. Haresh D. Godia, Dr. Lalit H Nikam

Pages No. 1688 to 1692

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Abstract 32  | PDF 32  DOI

Evaluation of Adjuvant Biomarkers in Acute Myocardial Infarction

Varghese M. V, Gaikwad S. B, Fawade M. M., Bhattacharya M. A.

Pages No. 1700 to 1703

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Indian Dermoscopic Study of One Thirty Eight Cases of Alopecia Areata

Rahul Kumar Sharma, Divya Sharma, Rajendra Kumar Sharma

Pages No. 1704 to 1706

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Retinal Vascular Occlusive Disorders - Risk Factors

Shivcharan Lal Chandravanshi, Sunil Kumar Shrivastava, Priyanka Agnihotri, Smriti Gupta

Pages No. 1710 to 1714

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Study of Serum Electrolytes in Acute Renal Failure; Pre and Post Dialysis

Gaikwad S. B, Agte A. B., Niturkar G. S.

Pages No. 1715 to 1716

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Physical and Mental Health Status, Life Style and Quality of Life among Hijra /Transgender Woman: An Exploratory Study in Chandigarh, India

Raju Ram Runwal, Mrs. Manjula Thakur, Dr. Sushma kumari Sani, Dr. Sandhya Ghai, Mr. Sandeep Mittal

Pages No. 1717 to 1723

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Abstract 117  | PDF 314  DOI

Hormones in HIV- Pregnant Women

Dr. Asha Mishra, Dr. Madhuri A. Agnihotri, Dr. Rekha Ratnani

Pages No. 1724 to 1727

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Abstract 26  | PDF 40  DOI

Correlate between Socioeconomic Status with Oxidative Stress in HIV /AIDS Pregnant Women’s

Dr. Asha Mishra, Dr. Madhuri A. Agnihotri, Mrs. Pooja Sitholay, Dr. Rekha Ratnani

Pages No. 1728 to 1733

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Spindle Cell Carcinoma of the Tongue: Fallacies in Its Diagnosis

Amrit Kaur Kaler, Shweta C, Smitha Chandra B.C, Rajeev Naik

Pages No. 1753 to 1756

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High HBA1C Level Is Associated With Low Heamoglobin Level

Mafooza Rashid, B. K. Gupta, Vinay Bharat, Abhishek Gupta, Zubair Rashid

Pages No. 1757 to 1759

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Abstract 39  | PDF 43  DOI