Published: 2018-01-25

A Study of the Relationships between Nursing Students’ Meanings of Life, Positive Beliefs, and Well-Being

Fu-Ju Tsai, Cheng-Yu Chen, Gwo-Liang Yeh, Yih-Jin Hu, Chie-Chien Tseng, Si-Chi Chen

Pages No. 1600 to 1607

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Depression in Elderly Patients Attending the Psychiatric Outpatient Department: A Cross Sectional Study

Dr. Ravi C Sharma, Dr. Dinesh Dutt Sharma, Dr. Kamal Parkash

Pages No. 1633 to 1638

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A Review on Functions of Rakt Dhatu and Prana Vayu to Establish Lung Function Capacity

Dr. Vishal Shamrao Patil, Dr. (Mrs.) Manisha V. Bhalsing

Pages No. 1656 to 1658

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Tzanck Smears and Its Diagnostic Utility - An Institutional Experience

Dr. Athulya Krishna Kumar K.T, Dr. Kalathingal Kamarunisha Aboobacker, Dr.Kiran H.S, Dr. Vishal Agarwal

Pages No. 1659 to 1663

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Attitudes of Nursing Students towards Suicide Prevention: A Study from Central India

Deepak Ghormode, Pramod Gupta, Devendra Ratnani, S. K. Singh

Pages No. 1664 to 1668

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Childhood Intussusception: Timely Management Leads to Decreased Surgical Risk

Dr. Sunil Kumar Mehra, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Barolia, Dr. Arun Kumar Gupta, Dr. Vinita Chaturv

Pages No. 1672 to 1674

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