Published: 2018-03-25

Pattern of Tobacco and Cannabis Use in a Rural Population

Dr. Naresh Solanki, Dr. Ram Ghulam Razdan

Pages No. 1772 to 1777

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A Study of Nutrient Foramina of Humerus at Chhattisgarh State

Dr. Bhavana Khandve, Dr. Ambrish Verma

Pages No. 1795 to 1798

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Abstract 101  | PDF 47  DOI

Serum to Pleural Fluid Albumin Gradient to Differentiate Transudative and Exudative Pleural Effusion

Dr. L. K. Mohanty, Dr. Nishikant A. Ingole, Dr. Ranjit S. Ambad

Pages No. 1799 to 1803

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Spirometry in Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Diseases

Dr. L. K. Mohanty, Dr. Rashim Vachhani

Pages No. 1804 to 1808

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A Study of Psychiatric Comorbidity (Anxiety and Depression) in Patients of Head and Neck Cancer Undergoing Radiotherapy

Manjit Singh, Parshotam Dass Garg, Rajiv Arora, Sukrantvir, Nittu Sidhu, Puneet Kamal, Abhishek Arora

Pages No. 1820 to 1824

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Study the Efficacy of Tranexamic Acid in Reducing Blood Loss During L.S.C.S.

Dr. Baljeet Kaur Bhatia, Dr. Rashim Vachhani, Dr. Rekha Ratnani

Pages No. 1831 to 1836

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Abstract 28  | PDF 75  DOI

Role of Oxidative Stress in Outcome of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Cases

Dr. Anjana Choudhary, Dr. Monika Jindal, Dr. Rekha Ratnani

Pages No. 1837 to 1841

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Profile of OPIOID Dependent Patients

Pali Rastogi, Deepti Rastogi

Pages No. 1876 to 1880

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Abstract 23  | PDF 49  DOI