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Who are we?

IJIRMS is a peer reviewed, international, online and open access journal with MONTHLY publication It is a multidisciplinary journal to provide a forum for the presentation and criticism of original, innovative and thought provocative ideas in medical and allied specialties. . Everything we publish is licenced under Creative Commons CC-BY Attribution 4.0

What do we publish?

We will publish articles covering experimental writeups or critical reviews, letters, case reports, abstracts or posters on any topic related to academic or clinical medicine, provided that the quality is high enough. We are proud to consider writeups of pilot projects with small data sets, negative results, and work in progress.

Why publish with us?

We are an Open Access peer review journal, We aim for your review process to be completed in under three weeks, and you will see your article online within 72 hours of it being accepted. Our dedicated peer-reviewing team guarantee a fast turnaround from submission to publication, with no compromise on quality.

Become a peer-reviewer

We are always looking for talented and committed peer-reviewers for IJIRMS. We offer full training in academic critical appraisal and the review process, and your reviews will be published alongside accepted articles in line with our policy on Openness. Click here for more information, and to apply to join our team.

Recent articles

Published: 2018-10-05

Analysis of Malondialdehyde Level in Leprosy Patients

Ria S Pane, Syahril R Lubis, Mila Darmi

Pages No. 2228 to 2230

Full text

Abstract 47  | PDF 20 

Efficacy of Split-Dosing versus Conventional Bowel Preparation in Colonoscopy: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Tikfu Gee, Nadia B Abdullah, Chin Wai Peng, Tong Sheau Wan, Minn Oominn, Lim Shu Yu, Lee Fei Yee, Fathi Nik Qisti, Lim Wan Xin, Tsen Poh Yue

Pages No. 2231 to 2234

Full text

Abstract 12  | PDF 13 

Epidemiological Traits and Seasonal Variation of Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP) in Children

Musleh Uddin Kalar, Arine Musaelyan, Vitkovskaya Elizaveta Nikolaevna, Farah Mansoor, M. Azaaibi, Schwan Mathew

Pages No. 2223 to 2227

Full text

Abstract 48  | PDF 23 
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